Swaps and Traps Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game Swaps and Traps. There are currently 103 achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A Change Of Place.jpg A Change Of Place See 200 Swaps
Achievement Achievement.jpg Achievement Achievement Achieve 50% of the Achievements
All Done!.jpg All Done! Complete ALL Levels
Almost There!.jpg Almost There! Play a Single Level 60 Times
Alrighty Then.jpg Alrighty Then See 100 Rotations
Angle of Death.jpg Angle of Death Die 90 Degrees Rotated
Are You All Right.jpg Are You All Right? Finish 15 Levels In A Row
Arrow Rain.jpg Arrow Rain Die 50 Times in Night Watch Boss
Ask For Help!.jpg Ask For Help! Play a Single Level 150 Times
Be the Bunny.jpg Be the Bunny Jump 50 Times
Blades of Glory.jpg Blades of Glory Complete Bonus Level No.4
Bouncy.jpg Bouncy Jump 20 Times on Jumpers
Bouncy Rider.jpg Bouncy Rider Complete Bonus Level No.2
Bucket List.jpg Bucket List Complete Night Watch Bonus Levels
Buzz Off Already!.jpg Buzz Off Already! Die 50 Times in Let's Jungle Boss
Buzzy.jpg Buzzy Complete Bonus Level No.1
Call Me Azrael.jpg Call Me Azrael Die 3000 Times
Can't Stop.jpg Can't Stop Jump 100 Times On Travelator
Caves Like This.jpg Caves Like This Complete Divider's Den Bonus Levels
Caving In.jpg Caving In? Die 50 Times in Divider's Den Boss
Daredevil.jpg Daredevil Jump Twice On The Same Dissolving Platform
Divided We Fall.jpg Divided We Fall Complete All Boss Levels
Dizzy Bossy.jpg Dizzy Bossy Complete Divider's Den Boss Level
Don't Give Up!.jpg Don't Give Up! Die 800 Times
Don't Pull Me.jpg Don't Pull Me Survive 20 Twister Pulls
Don't Stop.jpg Don't Stop Complete Bonus Level No.9
Fast Bunny.jpg Fast Bunny Finish 10 Levels With Best Time
Faster Than Light.jpg Faster Than Light Finish 75 Levels With Best Time
Flipper.jpg Flipper Complete Bonus Level No.6
Foucault's Fault.jpg Foucault's Fault Get Killed By Pendulums 30 Times
Easy Target.jpg Easy Target Get Hit By Cannon Balls 300 Times
Every Key You Take.jpg Every Key You Take Collect 50 Keys
Gettin' Dizzy With It.jpg Gettin' Dizzy With It See 200 Rotations
Got The Hang Of It.jpg Got The Hang Of It Complete 10 Levels
Gotcha!.jpg Gotcha! Reach Divider's Orb 50 Times in the Air
Grandpa, Is That You.jpg Grandpa, Is That You? Die 1500 Times
Jump Like A Boss.jpg Jump Like A Boss Jump 200 Times on Jumpers
Key Maker.jpg Key Maker Collect 300 Keys
Hills Are Alive.jpg Hills Are Alive Complete Bonus Level No.3
How Many You Said.jpg How Many You Said?! Collect 700 Keys
Hydralisk Style.jpg Hydralisk Style Get Killed By Ball Spits 30 Times
I Feel Numb.jpg I Feel Numb Jump 5000 Times
I Took Care Of It.jpg I Took Care Of It Complete All Bonus Levels
I'm Flying!.jpg I'm Flying! Jump 500 Times
Impressive.jpg Impressive Complete 75 Levels
Insurance Time!.jpg Insurance Time! Die 200 Times
Is That Even Possible.jpg Is That Even Possible? Collect 1000 Keys
It Bites!.jpg It Bites! Get Killed By Spikes 100 Times
Jungle Fever.jpg Jungle Fever Complete Let's Jungle Bonus Levels
Key Passion.jpg Key Passion Collect 100 Keys
Look At Them Go!.jpg Look At Them Go! See 20 Swaps
Master Carpenter.jpg Master Carpenter Get Killed By Buzzsaws 50 Times
Meet My Friends.jpg Meet My Friends Complete Bonus Level No.13
Memories.jpg Memories Take 100 Pictures
Mirror Mirror On The Wall.jpg Mirror Mirror On The Wall See 100 Flips
Mistakes Happen.jpg Mistakes Happen Die 100 Times
My Way.jpg My Way Achieve 100% of the Achievements
Nice Going.jpg Nice Going Complete 25 Levels
Nice Streak.jpg Nice Streak Finish 3 Levels In A Row
No I Won't.jpg No I Won't Survive 50 Twister Pulls
No More Deaths!.jpg No More Deaths! Die 400 Times
Not Bad.jpg Not Bad Finish 20 Levels With Best Time
Not Tired At All.jpg Not Tired At All Jump 1000 Times
Obsessed Much.jpg Obsessed Much? Finish the same level 30 times under best time
Old Town.jpg Old Town Complete Bonus Level No.5
Once In A Lifetime.jpg Once In A Lifetime Play a Single Level 300 Times
Oops!.jpg Oops! Die 10 Times
Perfect Wave.jpg Perfect Wave Finish 10 Levels In A Row
Pictures of You.jpg Pictures of You Take 50 Pictures
Pit Stop.jpg Pit Stop Get Killed By Lava Pits 30 Times
Pop.jpg Pop Complete Bonus Level No.8
Popped.jpg Popped Get Killed By Lava Balloons 30 Times
Pro Session.jpg Pro Session Finish 5 Levels In A Row
Rage Machine.jpg Rage Machine See 200 Flips
Reach Higher.jpg Reach Higher Jump 1000 Times on Jumpers
Ready for More.jpg Ready for More? Complete 50 Levels
Run Like The Buzz.jpg Run Like The Buzz Complete Let's Jungle Boss Level
Rush Hour.jpg Rush Hour Complete Bonus Level No.12
Selfie Time.jpg Selfie Time Take 20 Pictures
Shame on Timing.jpg Shame on Timing Get Killed By Rotating Blades 30 Times
Shiny!.jpg Shiny! Collect 10 Keys
Smash Hit.jpg Smash Hit Get Killed By Slam Rocks 20 Times
Spiked.jpg Spiked Get Killed By Spikes 50 Times
Springs in My Legs.jpg Springs in My Legs Jump 2500 Times
Sneaky Killer.jpg Sneaky Killer Get Killed By Triggered Spikes 100 Times
Stubborn Swaps.jpg Stubborn Swaps Play a Single Level 20 Times
Swap Master.jpg Swap Master Finish ALL Levels With Best Time
Swoosh!.jpg Swoosh! Complete Bonus Level No.10
Tap Dancer.jpg Tap Dancer Jump Once On The Same Dissolving Platform
That's Just Not Fair.jpg That's Just Not Fair See 20 Flips
The Lost Airbender.jpg The Lost Airbender Survive 75 Twister Pulls
This Is Serious.jpg This Is Serious Finish 50 Levels With Best Time
To Infinity.jpg To Infinity Jump 500 Times on Jumpers
Took An Arrow.jpg Took An Arrow Get Killed By Dart Throwers 100 Times
Upside Down.jpg Upside Down Die 180 Degrees Rotated
Watch It!.jpg Watch It! Complete Night Watch Boss Level
Watch Out!.jpg Watch Out! Die 50 Times
Waves of Joy.jpg Waves of Joy Complete Bonus Level No.7
We Are In Kansas Now.jpg We Are In Kansas Now Get Killed By Twisters 30 Times
Where Did It Go.jpg Where Did It Go? See 100 Swaps
With A Chance of Stones.jpg With A Chance of Stones Complete Bonus Level No.11
Work That Neck.jpg Work That Neck See 20 Rotations
You Got To Be Kidding.jpg You Got To Be Kidding Finish 12 Levels In A Row